Countrywide Signs is a leading expert in the property signage industry. A full member of the BFA and fully ISO 9001:2015 accredited, Countrywide Signs is much more than a property signage installer!

Leaders in the Property Signage Industry

Established in 1998, Countrywide Signs’ founder and managing director, Tony Williams QFP, started out as a property sign installer himself. Honing and developing the brand and business structure to become a leader in the sector.  The group’s location coverage has grown exponentially. Ranging from one-van businesses to multi-van regional operations. As a result, the network has the capacity to fulfil orders the length and breadth of the UK for independent estate, letting and commercial agents, as well as regional and national agents.



Quality through continuous improvement. ISO 9001 accreditation.


Working together regionally & nationally. Stronger together.


A network & brand you can trust. Over 20 years of expertise.


Always professional in appearance, service & aftercare.


A network of over 40 franchises, each as devoted as the next.

Meet the Team

Tony Williams, Managing Director, Countrywide Signs

Tony Williams

Founder & Managing Director

Tony’s background includes 12 years with his own security company as well as over 22 years as a Countrywide Signs franchisee and Managing Director. With more than 26 years’ experience in franchising, Tony heads up the support team in place to aid the network and continually improve the services we provide.

John Lynch, Master Franchise, Countrywide Signs Ireland

John Lynch

Master Franchisee Republic of Ireland

John came to Countrywide Signs after 12 Years as a director in the photographic industry. Beginning with six successful years as a Countrywide Signs franchisee, John became our national sales manager and subsequently took on the role of master franchisee for the Republic of Ireland.

Justin Pearce, Director, Countrywide Signs

Justin Pearce

Franchise Director 

Justin uses his 30 years’ experience of signage and franchising to drive the development of the national network, supporting franchise owners in their local Countrywide Signs businesses. He has several years of experience in senior operational roles and has also spent time running a pilot franchise himself.

Adam Davison, Business Advisor, Countrywide Signs

Adam Davison

Business Development Advisor

Adam Davison works with the network to provide business coaching and mentoring. Adam who has been with us since 2018, has worked with numerous franchisors over the years. He now provides ongoing support beyond initial training, including bespoke and tailored advice to help form business objectives, strategies, dynamic planning, and initiatives to help each business achieve individual goals.

Sue Jamil, Training and Operations Countrywide Signs

Sue Jamil

Training & Operational Support

In April 2018, Sue Jamil, a former Countrywide Signs’ franchisee, joined the head office team. Sue is now our franchisee trainer and operational support guru! With an extensive and impressive background in training, sales and franchising, Sue ran a very successful franchise for 8 years with her husband Neil. Sue now works to recruit new franchisees to our network and provides training and operational guidance for new and existing Countrywide Signs business owners.

Sarah Maginn, Marketing Manager, Countrywide Signs

Sarah Maginn

Marketing Manager

Sarah Maginn specialises in digital marketing, developing marketing strategy and planning as well as supporting the network with local marketing initiatives. Sarah came onboard in 2020 having worked in Marketing since 2007. She has experience working for both B2B and B2C businesses, including signage franchisor, Signs Express for 4 years.

Enviromental Policy

Environmental Responsibility

As a property signage business and nationwide franchise network, we feel strongly about the importance of our responsibility to the environment and the impact of climate change. We are currently embarking on our journey to help achieve a greener future.

Our Carbon Footprint

We have been making changes and reducing emissions. Here’s how we’re tackling climate change…

  • Head office staff now work remotely.
  • We’ve reduced our office-based footprint by some 60%.
  • We have moved to a cloud-based server.
  • We use a route planner to enable drivers to find the shortest route to save on emissions.
  • We’ve minimised carriage, sending items in bulk only.

Recycling Signage Boards

We have an obligation to ensure our property boards are disposed of in an ethical and sustainable manner. With a high turnover of signage boards, we believe in upcycling posts and reusing branded boards wherever possible.

When it is not possible to upcycle, we use a professional recycling service called EA Recycling to ensure our boards are disposed of appropriately and that our signage never ends up in landfill.

Polypropylene plastic is currently non-biodegradable and must not be disposed of via domestic waste. When notified by our agents we arrange board collection from the property so that we can dispose of signage on our agent’s behalf.

Ethically Sourced Materials

Our corporate social responsibility ensures that we only source materials from ethical suppliers.

Timber for our posts from members of the Timber Trade Federation, a body who are committed to a responsible approach to timber sourcing.

Paint is water-based and not solvent-based and only purchased from companies who adhere to an environmental charter. All inks and toners used adhere to Nordic Swan Label (or similar) which ensures that printed matter (throughout its lifecycle) complies with the most stringent environmental requirements.

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